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Aqua Service Niagara offers a full range of products from simply cleaning up your drinking water, to whole home systems that treat the harshest of well water. We pride ourselves in doing things right- from beginning to end!

Reverse Osmosis Water -

Spring water pH Balanced Water

  • ​500ml  - 1,2 and 11 liter 1 gallon

  • 2 and 3 gallon Fridge Pack

  • 3 and 5 gallon bottles

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If pure water is what you are looking for, then choosing Reverse Osmosis filtration is the best choice.


Reverse Osmosis with a Twist! Offering an amazing do-it-yourself friendly system to help make filter changes a breeze! Check it out on the Drinking Systems page, or call us for more information.

Bacterial Protection


We have parts for just about every UV system out there! If we don’t have it, we can get it!


Ask us about our ‘retrofit’ system for obsolete UV systems!




Service is truly our middle name.

Commercial Systems

The Best RO System

When it comes to large scale treatment, we have the equipment to handle it.


We offer treatment systems that will give 24 hours of continuous treated water with multi unit, alternating cycles so you will never run out of clean soft water!


Sizing is important, so working with Aqua Service Niagara will ensure the system is right from day one!

Sized to Fit

Water Softeners

Dissolved minerals can create scale in your pipes, tea kettles, coffee makers and industrial machinery. It can reduce water flow through your pipes and eventually completely clog them.

Aqua Service Niagara can help combat hardwater, call us today for an expert opinion on the best solution for you.

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