Sani-System is the only EPA & NSF approved sanitizer for use in reverse osmosis systems. It’s proven to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria without the use of chlorine, oxidizers or acids that can harm system equipment parts and resin. The exact pre-measured doses of concentrated formula are contained in ready-to-use packets and sanitize equipment in just 60 seconds!
Simple to Use
It is as simple as removing the cartridges and placeing the packet contents in the first housing and flush. Sani-System is the only sanitizer on the market proven by the CWQA to safely sanitize an RO unit membrane.

User Benefits
• Faster, easier and safer than other alternative sanitizers
• Easy & reliable single dose packages
• 99.99% effective kill rate against harmful bacteria
• Only sanitizer on market proven by CWQA to sanitize membrane

Technical Information
• Sani-System is a clear liquid and will react to oxidizers
• Routin storage. Rubber gloves are suggested when handling. Read all relevant MSDS before handling.
• Do not mix with other chemicals
• Certified to NSF/ANSI 60 Standards

Sani-System Liquid Sanitizer

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