PAB8800 Series High Flow Booster Pump


Key Operational Benefits:
• Boosts pressure 40 to 120 psi (adjustable)
• Used with membranes 50 to 120 GDP
• 15,000+ operating hours (estimated)
• Quiet – less than 52 DBA
• Can run dry without damage


• Toughest, most durable pump on the market
• Adjustable max. outlet psi (regardless of feed pressure)
• Expels trapped air (no more air locks)
• Can be mounted with pump head up or horizontal  

• More flow at extremely low inlet pressures
• New motor venting system to remove moisture
• EMI/RFI electronic noise suppression
• 100% final performance tested
• Available in 12VDC and 24VDC

Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump

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