ASN 9800 Series Reverse Osmosis System is an affordable solution for applications up to 800 gallons per day and removes up to 98% of total dissolved solids in raw feed water.

Materials of Construction  
• Frame: Powder coated carbon steel 
• Membrane element: TFC 400 GPD 
• Membrane housings: GF Polypropylene
• Tubing: High Density Polyethylene 
• Pump and Motor o 115V — 24VAC 60 Hz diaphragm pump 
Standard Features :
• Electronic controller 
• 5-micron sediment pre-filter
• GAC pre-filter o Air purge on start up 
• Automatic inlet shut-off valve 
• Automatic feed water flush 
• Low pressure pump protection 

ASN 9800 Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis

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