ASN 9400 Series Softeners offer Optimum Softening Efficiency!  
MTS systems use 40-50% less salt and regeneration water compared to conventional systems. During periods of high flow demand, tanks come on-line to add flow rate capacity. During periods of low flow demand, tanks go off-line insuring optimal efficiency and product water quality. Lower Capital Cost & Increased Flexibility MTS systems are easily expandable and scalable. Additional tanks can be added to increase the capacity of the system as needed resulting in a lower initial investment compared to larger single or duplex systems. High Quality Soft Water Insurance Other manufacturers cannot detect low flow rates or any flow at all if there is a power outage resulting in system capacity being consumed undetected. MTS systems can detect flow rates under 1 gpm and total flow during power outages for up to 9 hours insuring all water being treated is accounted for. Consistent High Quality Soft Water MTS series systems are engineered to prevent “channelling” which in other types of systems can cause hard water to leak through the bed during periods of low flow rates. MTS systems bring tanks on and off-line so that the flow rate through the tanks is always at optimal efficiencies to insure high quality soft water. The MTS systems are simple to install and maintain. 

ASN 9400 Commercial Water Softeners

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