Service is truly our middle name.

What's in a name? Well... we are truly focused on customer service.


Starting with sales, our approach is what’s best for you. Offering a true solution that not only works, but is reliable. Nothing we do is 'one size fits all'. With our access to some of the best water treatment equipment anywhere, and forward thinking, we match you with a system that not only does what we say it will do, but with solid results.

Equipment... Filters... Parts... Accessories... All here!

  • Reverse Osmosis Water

  • pH Balanced Water

    • ​500ml

    • 1,2 and 11 liter 

    • 1 gallon

    • 2 and 3 gallon Fridge Pack

    • 3 and 5 gallon bottles

  • Spring water

We boast a HUGE selection of filters, parts and accessories to keep your system running tip top. Don't see it in our store? No worries... We can get it. Just ask! 

Push Fittings NOW AVAILABLE!

Available Now
water heater connector
pp-female adp
push fit selection
Cu Elbow
PP Tee
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